Vancouver may Host World Cup qualifying games

Vancouver went through a period of 11 years without hosting any match of the Canadian national team.

Now, it is fast becoming the unofficial home of the national team after hosting several matches in the last five months. Vancouver has once again been announced as the destination to host the World Cup qualifying game against El Salvador in September. BMO Field in Toronto is listed as the official stadium for the Canadian national team, but the Federation president Victor Montagliani says that a lot of wind has forced the decision to make Vancouver’s BC Place as the host.

Canada is already looking forward to this home qualification game, but they need to improve their form dramatically in order to have any hope of reaching the World Cup finals. After losing their last three games in all competitions, Canada is seen as one of the minnows in the region. However, they started the campaign in positive fashion after winning against Honduras. They have been able to get four points and remained level with Honduras. The second team from the group will be able to qualify for the next round and this is likely to be the target for Canada given that Mexico remain way ahead in front with the maximum 12 points. Continue reading “Vancouver may Host World Cup qualifying games”

Benito Floro comments dont matches with Canadian Team Defence

Benito Floro’s opinion doesn’t match with those who think the defence of the Canadian team has reached the optimum standard.

The coach, who is now 3-year old in his stint, believes that the mistakes made by the team in terms of holding the opposition are certainly lesser now, but, it’s not that the defence has become almost perfect.

Also, the fact that people are saying Canada is offensively not as good as they are defensively; it doesn’t set well either with the 63-year old manager.

As per Benito, there is no significantly big a difference in the no. of opportunities that Canada is making on the pitch and that the other teams are making. The Reds are attacking as much as any of their opposition and in fact, they are more of an attacking side rather than one which always sits back.

Both the defence and offence of the Canadian team will be up for a big test in the next 15 days’ time when they are to come against Mexico twice in World Cup qualifying games.

The first of the games is scheduled on 26th and the second just 4 days later on 30th. Continue reading “Benito Floro comments dont matches with Canadian Team Defence”

Guus Hiddink wants Chelsea to appoint a new manager as fast as possible

Since Guus Hiddink arrived to Stamford Bridge, the Dutch coach has lifted the spirit and gave confidence back to Chelsea who were demolished and were even in danger of even entering the bottom relegation zone. Hiddink has sparked life back to the Premier League, unfortunately for the supporters of Chelsea, the Dutch manager is not going to last a very long time in charge of the English as Hiddink has already stated that he will be retiring when the season ends in the summer.


This means that Chelsea will have to search for a new manager soon as there are only a few months remaining before the season finalizes and Guus Hiddink has recently stated that Chelsea should do this in a quick manner and transparent as well.


“I am in favor. But it’s a personal opinion that when things are done you make it transparent. You’ve heard more than I because that’s your job, you have to search around where the rumors are. That’s not my job. I’m just there to prepare for the next game. I’m not involved in this so that’s all you can get from me on this issue. Of course this club is searching now and experienced managers they like and there are a lot. It’s up to them, to make up their mind and make the decisions.” Chelsea’s Guus Hiddink said. Continue reading “Guus Hiddink wants Chelsea to appoint a new manager as fast as possible”

The Canadian Soccer Association is considering hosting the next World Cup

The president of the Canadian Soccer Association, Victor Montagliani has revealed that some serious consideration is being put in relation to Canada hosting the upcoming World Cup.

“I think our next project as a country, and as a soccer country, would be the men’s World Cup. We have hosted every other World Cup. We have been successful at every other one we have hosted. I think it’s a natural progression for us to seriously look at bidding for the men’s World Cup.” Victor Montagliani said during a recent press conference.

The 2018 World Cup is the next major soccer competition which is scheduled to take place in Russia but after a string of briberies and scandals were discovered to be done by SeppBlatter and his committee, there still is a possibility of having the location changed, everything will eventually depend on the bids that countries put on the table as they have to show their intention and capability of hosting an event of this caliber.

Canada already has experience in hosting sporting events at his big stage as they have already hosted the 2002 FIFA U-19’S Women’s World Cup as well as the 2007 U-20 Men’s World Cup.

Mexico, Colombia, United States and England are some of the other countries that have shown interest in hosting the upcoming World Cup and now that the men in charge of the previous cases of briberies have been removed from the committee of FIFA, a new bidding process is expected to take place. Continue reading “The Canadian Soccer Association is considering hosting the next World Cup”

Canada have a home game against Honduras

Canada have a home game against Honduras and this could be a major source of the points that the nation needs to qualify for the World Cup 2018.

For this reason, manager Benito Floro says that the squad will be concentrating heavily on performing exceptionally well throughout the 90 minutes. Canada are unbeaten in the last six matches of all competitions, but that is unlikely to help them qualify for the tournament. Only points will do them good as it is the group stages of the qualification campaign. The nation has reached this round of the competition after beating Belize in the play-offs.

The group stages consists of four nations and there are three home games for every team.Floro is aware that Canada must make use of home games in order to get through. Since Canada have been involved in more friendly matches over the last two years, there is a danger of the team not understanding the seriousness of the match.Floro says that it will not be the case since the team are extremely motivated to win in the upcoming World Cup 2018 qualifying games. The manager has promised that the team will attack with intent as they have now. Continue reading “Canada have a home game against Honduras”

Canada has made it into the quarter-finals of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Canada reached the quarter-finals of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup after defeating Switzerland with a final scoreboard of 1-0.  The only goal of the entire match was scored by Josee Belanger as she found the back of the net at the 52nd minute.

The captain of the Canadian team, Christine Sinclair played a huge role as he provided the cross over to Belanger as she made no mistake in firing it home.

Canada had dominated control of the match since the early stages of the match but despite it’s domination, it was Switzerland which had the best chance to score as Bachmann whipped in a cross into the penalty box of Canada but Lara Dickenmann wasn’t able to reach the ball.

As the match progressed, Canada was putting pressure upon their opponents with shots being fired inside the own half of the Swiss team.

The only goal of the entire match arrived through Belanger in the 2nd half but even though Canada had the lead, they did not fall back and defend instead they continued their search for another goal with continuous charges upfront.

There was a moment when the Canadian appeared to be on the verge of scoring a 2nd goal when Belanger took advantage of a lost ball in front of the net of their rivals and she launched a short range shot which was blocked by the defender Caroline Abbe. Continue reading “Canada has made it into the quarter-finals of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup”

Benito Floro dont seems to increase expectation of his Team

Canadian coach Benito Floro says that he is not ready to increase expectations of his team ahead of the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup. After having taken charge of the Canadian national team in 2013,Floro has had only relative success.

The Spaniard has failed to lead his team to a victory in the last four friendly matches. Their last success in any competition came against Jamaica in a friendly match back in September 2014 when the team won 3-1 with goals from the likes of Edgar and De Jong. The Gold Cup does not start until July 2015. It is seen as the most important competition for North American teams.

Prior to this competition, Canada have matches against the likes of Guatemala in friendlies while British Virgin Islands or Dominica will be their opponents in the World Cup qualifying matches. One of the major difficulties for the Canadian national team is that some of the players are playing in the MLS while the remaining are playing in European football. This means that both groups are not equal in terms of fitness and energy levels.Floro reveals the tough task he has had to manage these two groups of players. The national team will be taking on Guatemala towards the end of March. Continue reading “Benito Floro dont seems to increase expectation of his Team”