The Goodness Of Herdman As A Coach

A change of the guard is taking place with the men soccer team of Canada with Scott Arfield who would take over as a captain permanently from Atiba Hutchinson. Arfield would lead the Canadians who are ranked 17th against No 177 Dominica at BMO Field. Arfield had left practicing early Sunday and won around 13 caps for Canada after he made his first appearance in 2016. The 35 year old Atiba Hutchinson is undoubtedly the best soccer player and is a key figure in Canada’s camp. Hutchinson has seen a lot be in 78 caps, Europa League and or Champions play under his belt. However, when it comes to his career he is into the twilight and may consider international game post 2019 Gold Cup.

The coach John Herdman handed over the armband to the 29 year old Arfield but post talking to Hutchinson as his participation was last seen with the national team in 2017. As far as Arfield and Hutchinson is concerned, they really know how to balance each other off well. Atiba is quiet and reflective although he is focused into everything whereas Scott has a lot of positive energy in him and is also vocal at the same time. Herdman feels that he has got a good balance. Dejan Jakovic, the Los Angeles FC defender was appointed as a captain for the first game of Herdman at the men’s helm in 1-0 win against New Zealand in Spain in the month of March.

Hutchinson was only 19 years old when he made his performance as a senior for Canada in the year 2003. Herdman is now representing his 10th coach of his national team. As per Hutchinson, herdsman is good at communicating a clear vision. He believes in structuring a team so that each player separately has their views to express such as the youngsters, veterans and the ones in between every meeting to discuss on experiences and goals.