25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders FC | August 10, 2013”

  1. He was in preseason form and hadn’t really trained with the team. He’s just
    now entering midseason fitness.

  2. How? He’s 30 and being paid more here than he would in England. He’s more
    valuable to Sounders than Tottenham, who were preparing to limit his
    playing time. Sounders also fields 2 other USMNT members and one Nigerian
    international. So, tell me more about how making more and playing in front
    of fans who revere him has ruined Dempsey’s career. Fail.

  3. Dempsey knows exactly wat he’s doing, cux now he’s in a league where he
    pretty much the main focus other than Landon and he’s gone make a lot of
    money too

  4. So? He is one of the better American players, so why not show respect to
    him? Why do you people feel the need to continue to bash and criticizie
    those that are trying to raise American soccer? And at the same time
    bashing America for not paying attention to soccer? There really is no
    point to what you are doing.

  5. I know soccer, and his style of play is to retain and distribute. He
    doesn’t do either one of those things very well. Every now and then he’s in
    the right place in the right time and finds the net. Let think, if he’s so
    damn good why is he now in the MLS when last year – I mean months ago he
    said he doesn’t see himself playing in Major League Soccer.

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