25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs. NY Red Bulls | Sept. 14, 2013”

  1. come on why are so many people from other countries hating on mls. I mean
    come on that’s like us going onto european basketball and posting hate
    comments. noone who watches nba does that.

  2. Watching Americans playing football is like watching an old man fucking.
    Henry pls go back home, you’re drunk

  3. what a waste. can’t believe he’s playing in this shit league. come back
    home to arsenal and retire with us, please

  4. Que Bonito es que el futbol se expanda mas, para dar muchas emociones ala
    humanidad, y asi cambiar el mundo! Saludos desde Suramerica la casa del
    futbol mundial!

  5. Nice…this was the first time i sat down and watched American/Canadian
    soccer..not bad. and very happy to see huge crowd….Greetings from
    Manchester UK home of the Champions.

  6. if benzema can´t score for france,open your eyes Deschamps and cal henry to
    the national team

  7. STFU Philthy fan. Your announcers are the worst in the league. The Red
    Bulls announcers are actually the least biased in the whole league.

  8. The MLS announcers are so biased! I hate it so much. Every time any team is
    away they never get credit for anything. The first header off the post by
    Toronto the announcer said it was good defending! How if the other team got
    a clear head on the ball is that good defending. And that apparent “no
    call” on Henry just outside of the box was nowhere near a penalty.

  9. Espindola its not that bad he needs more dicipline And an impossible angle
    goal look for roberto carlos 🙂

  10. I loved Espindola’s goal, even though Espindola is mostly terrible.

  11. Thierry Henry is kinda pretentious isn’t he? Always posing and maneuvering
    for the cameras. Comes across as very contrived dude.

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