14 replies on “Canada has a great soccer story! Help us write the next chapter!”

  1. we’ve only qualified for one world cup and in that world cup didnt even
    score a goal….we’re soooo good

  2. I don’t think this video is saying we’re good, it’s saying we want to be
    good, and maybe aren’t as bad currently as some canadians think.

  3. Canada is a soccer nation but not a football nation and CSA is neither.
    Left unmentioned, the pinnacle of sport hasn’t been reached since 86 and
    the next 2 years will determine if the women’s game will be wandering in
    the wilderness for the next decade.

  4. What the hell? How about you try hiring a coach for the mens team? Its been
    7 months already!!!!!!!!?

  5. Canada can’t even qualify for the final round of Men’s CONCACAF qualifying!
    The American translation of this video is this: Canada is lousy at men’s
    soccer, and is decent at women’s soccer. I like Canada, but really?

  6. Great promo. However, until Sr MNT qualifies for WC, this won’t resonate
    with the general public IMHO.

  7. Unfortunately, a soccer nation is only truly ranked based on the
    performance of their men’s national team…. so we gotta get better in that
    respect. Ladies and youth, yes we are good.

  8. I only wish the next chapter of Canadian soccer included natural grass
    playing fields for the Women’s World Cup.

  9. We have 4 men’s pro teams with Ottawa coming that is five.We don’t hear
    enough about the men’s national team (senior). Until it gets better and
    there are not more foreign team fans in the stands it is hard to think of
    us as a soccer nation . We need to translate the participation rate into
    actual fans in the seats for soccer matches.

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