25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact | July 3, 2013”

  1. Oh my gosh they couldn’t hold the lead and both keepers suck damn I play
    competitive and my keeper is better

  2. i find it amazing how Di Vaio manages use his playing the offside line game
    and excell at it despite the terrible offside calls made against him

  3. I’m sorry but Forlan isn’t even going to make a difference at TFC. That was
    a stupid/worthless sign

  4. no noticed how L Silva was pulled down by MTL defender in the box and no
    penalty shot was given

  5. careful some of the u sector fan boys will get upset when you say anything
    negative about their beloved team….richter…really? gives the ball away
    twice and di vaio scores…this sums up TFC best

  6. pause at 6:36, those are Montreal’s 3 defenders in the TFC 18 yard box,
    just thought id point that out 🙂

  7. Absolutely. The talent is there and the teams are garnering proper
    followings. Support your local club!

  8. well you cant blame them, they are both well over 30 and are nearing the
    ends of their careers, they were fantastic players back in their day and
    had considerable pace in their prime 🙂

  9. I’m from Ireland and support Shelbourne, but I watch the English Premier
    League highlights on tv every weekend. rarely are there as many exciting
    games packed with goals as the MLS. Great, dynamic, exciting league.

  10. i think you are thinking of toronto vs vancouver or montreal vs vancouver.
    those are cross country not toronto vs montreal. Still it was a week day
    game so thats asking a lot from montreal fans.

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