25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew | July 27, 2013”

  1. to all the butthurt crew fans, it doesn’t matter if CLB dominated, it
    matters what the final score is, it’s 2-1 TFC and that’s it. stop being a
    bunch off babies

  2. what game were you watching????? what fouls???? someone is being butthurt,
    ROUGEZ ALLEZ TFC!!!!!!!!

  3. i bet CLB would celebrate that hard if they won in added time Butthurt

  4. this is jonathan osorios first year in mls and hes already making a huge
    impact in torontos game

  5. I totally forgot about Caldwell hitting the post lol wow Columbus really
    collapsed at the end

  6. He plays on the left, he plays on the right! That boy Oso makes MLS look

  7. That’s a fair comment bud, new to MLS and was a little on the drunk side
    when typing the comment, therefore a little sensationalist. Last minute
    goals also tend to excite a little bit much. I was more thinking of the
    Toronto fans when it comes to the win, must have been something else
    considering the form. Upvote for you for having an opinion btw.

  8. amazing for who wins in the end. terrible and shocking for who loses, but
    that´s it,this is football

  9. I was there, stayed through the torrential freezing rain, glorious victory!

  10. You are so mad, it’s hilarious. Every team would celebrate winning the game
    in stoppage time. Sorry that you live in Columbus. I’ve been, it’s a

  11. Columbus should have won Toronto r chickens all they do is foul if they
    played fair like Columbus then it would have benn 5-0

  12. I mean with. I disnt mean to imply Bobby Convey was inside of you.
    Releasing his seed into your Canadian bellies. Emerging a terrible
    amalgamation of maple syrup and managerial disdain.

  13. dang i wish i was at the game, those last few mins woulda been priceless

  14. Happy for Toronto, their fans are always so good and now they can finally
    smile 🙂

  15. Toronto used to have THE best fans in the mls. We’re still among some of
    the best, and if we start winning again someday, maybe we’ll see that #1
    spot again!

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