25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs New York Red Bulls | April 27th, 2013”

  1. THAT IS TIMMY CAHILL. he’s naturally a hard man despite his small frame.
    first of all, they should’ve let him do his corner flag celebration because
    that’s his thing for years. second, be a man. it’s just a little shove

  2. Next time I hope the players ignore Cahill and let him celebrate the goal
    by himself. Red bulls suck. Can’t wait for the original new York team. New
    York Cosmos

  3. Cahill has his own celebration where he goes to the corner flag and boxes
    it. Been doing it for years and years. That’s why he shrugs off his
    teammates until he gets to it. Watch his Everton highlights.

  4. Henry….sees a Canadian flick him off… “What?!?! Do it again… do it

  5. Boxing corner fag is trademark Cahill celebration, team mates should just
    him do it first then all the man-hugs can follow. He’s been doing it for
    years. Everton and Aussie international players know this. Coach must do
    something – inform the team and fans alike.

  6. when I heard Osario on TV I thought they said De Rosario I was like WHAT?
    hes back

  7. Watching this game live was just amazing. Great way to support your Arsenal
    legend Thierry Henry as he gets two great assist.

  8. He saw a TFC fan flip him off and he yelled “WHAT? Do it again! Do it
    again!” This is because he is the King, and he takes amusement from enemies
    frustration and hate

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