25 replies on “Match Highlights: Canada 3 – 0 Cuba, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers”

  1. excuses excuses….this is why our country cant make strides…just like
    the shitty leafs, tfc, blue jays we make excuses rather than demanding

  2. theres no national pride…why? the CSA and OSA refuse to make the
    necessary changes to forward the development of players and coaches in this
    country. People like me who grew up playing alongside atiba Hutchinson and
    iain hume will support them and their careers. But as far as Canadian
    soccer goes theres no point showing pride for our governing body when they
    hold us back year after year, world cup campaign after world cup
    campaign….its a joke

  3. You’re by far the biggest ass the world has seen and we all know you are
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  4. I live in canada to, don’t say bad things about my country. Get the F***
    out if you hate it.

  5. Yes I’m sure it only has to do with money… its not that soccer is the
    most popular and most competitive sport in the world or anything. If it
    were only about money then why do third world country’s qualify on a yearly

  6. Coulda/Shoulda been 8, easy… BUT, good job boys! Glad to see the team put
    the ball in the net tonight!

  7. So frustrating that Panama didnt win at home like they should have. Now
    Canada has to get a result.

  8. just like how your mom looks forward to me coming over to her house and
    sticking it in her ass.

  9. Why the fuck would you even think of supporting Canada? I’m Canadian, but I
    wouldn’t support our soccer team 😛

  10. You mean “my mom”. You are not Canadian and either am I but I will move
    there and you can move to Bosnia where I am from and we’ll see who’s
    bitchin’ now.

  11. Good performance by Canada, could’ve been six or seven. Some poor
    finishing, but also some good stops by the Cuban ‘keeper.

  12. Well, your not getting anything out of talking shit or insulting a place
    that a majority seem to like. I look forward to your next insult

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