Guus Hiddink wants Chelsea to appoint a new manager as fast as possible

Since Guus Hiddink arrived to Stamford Bridge, the Dutch coach has lifted the spirit and gave confidence back to Chelsea who were demolished and were even in danger of even entering the bottom relegation zone. Hiddink has sparked life back to the Premier League, unfortunately for the supporters of Chelsea, the Dutch manager is not going to last a very long time in charge of the English as Hiddink has already stated that he will be retiring when the season ends in the summer.


This means that Chelsea will have to search for a new manager soon as there are only a few months remaining before the season finalizes and Guus Hiddink has recently stated that Chelsea should do this in a quick manner and transparent as well.


“I am in favor. But it’s a personal opinion that when things are done you make it transparent. You’ve heard more than I because that’s your job, you have to search around where the rumors are. That’s not my job. I’m just there to prepare for the next game. I’m not involved in this so that’s all you can get from me on this issue. Of course this club is searching now and experienced managers they like and there are a lot. It’s up to them, to make up their mind and make the decisions.” Chelsea’s Guus Hiddink said.


Chelsea is still searching around for a qualified manager who can take charge of the team when the time comes to replace Guus Hiddink and Antonio Conte is one of the name’s that has been consistently linked with the Premier League club but it seems like Conte is only focusing on his upcoming challenges as the head coach of the Italian national football team and Chelsea will have to continue searching around for another suitable candidate.