Benito Floro comments dont matches with Canadian Team Defence

Benito Floro’s opinion doesn’t match with those who think the defence of the Canadian team has reached the optimum standard.

The coach, who is now 3-year old in his stint, believes that the mistakes made by the team in terms of holding the opposition are certainly lesser now, but, it’s not that the defence has become almost perfect.

Also, the fact that people are saying Canada is offensively not as good as they are defensively; it doesn’t set well either with the 63-year old manager.

As per Benito, there is no significantly big a difference in the no. of opportunities that Canada is making on the pitch and that the other teams are making. The Reds are attacking as much as any of their opposition and in fact, they are more of an attacking side rather than one which always sits back.

Both the defence and offence of the Canadian team will be up for a big test in the next 15 days’ time when they are to come against Mexico twice in World Cup qualifying games.

The first of the games is scheduled on 26th and the second just 4 days later on 30th.

Talking to journalists the day before, Benito said the team is not taking it as a 2-game assignment already and it’s about the first game first.

He also refused to reveal anything about his possible line up when asked about the same in the media interaction, saying that the selections would be based on who is fit and thus, nothing he can assure so early when the game day is a couple of weeks away.

Canada has been the winners just once out of their three qualifiers till this stage. Their last qualifier was in November last year against El Salvador.