The Canadian Soccer Association is considering hosting the next World Cup

The president of the Canadian Soccer Association, Victor Montagliani has revealed that some serious consideration is being put in relation to Canada hosting the upcoming World Cup.

“I think our next project as a country, and as a soccer country, would be the men’s World Cup. We have hosted every other World Cup. We have been successful at every other one we have hosted. I think it’s a natural progression for us to seriously look at bidding for the men’s World Cup.” Victor Montagliani said during a recent press conference.

The 2018 World Cup is the next major soccer competition which is scheduled to take place in Russia but after a string of briberies and scandals were discovered to be done by SeppBlatter and his committee, there still is a possibility of having the location changed, everything will eventually depend on the bids that countries put on the table as they have to show their intention and capability of hosting an event of this caliber.

Canada already has experience in hosting sporting events at his big stage as they have already hosted the 2002 FIFA U-19’S Women’s World Cup as well as the 2007 U-20 Men’s World Cup.

Mexico, Colombia, United States and England are some of the other countries that have shown interest in hosting the upcoming World Cup and now that the men in charge of the previous cases of briberies have been removed from the committee of FIFA, a new bidding process is expected to take place.

Greg Dyke is the chairman of the Football Association and he is just one of the figures in the world of soccer who has voiced his desire in seeing the bidding process done in a fair way.

Dyke told Press Association Sport: “There is nobody who wouldn’t love to have the World Cup in England but the process has to be done in a fair, honest and transparent way, not carved up by a bunch of crooks, which is what happened last time.

There are many other authorities in football that are eager for the new members of FIFA to be selected and hopefully all the recent incidents which have been discovered can be forgotten and that a new beginning can take it’s place.