The United States could partner with Canada and Mexico to host the World Cup in 2026, according to reports.

Canada soccer leaders are hoping to partner with their Mexican counterparts while the United States would be the lead host of the tournament – which would be the biggest ever following the decision of FIFA to expand the participating teams to 48. It is also going to be the first time three countries would host a World Cup.

Victor Montagliani, the head of CONCACAF – the regional body responsible for soccer in North America, Central America and the Caribbean said: “I think any one of the countries could probably put on a good show on their own. But I think there seems to be a prevailing thought that a confederation-type bid with multiple hosts is probably good for football.”

The hosts of the event would be announced by FIFA in 2020 with any of the American countries the likely choice. Europe and Asia have been excluded since Russia is hosting the 2018 World Cup and Qatar the 2022 edition. Africa hosted the 2010 version, meaning the Americans are the leading side to win the bid in the spirit of fairness.

The United States last hosted in 1994 while Mexico hosted in 1970 and 1986. The American countries want a powerful bid hence the decision for joint hosting. The expanded World Cup is another favourable decision.

The next FIFA congress is set for May, 2017 and the CONCACAF body would prepare and submit a bid. FIFA changed their selection process after serious allegations of cheating during the bidding process of 2022 where Qatar secured the rights ahead of the US. A poll of the entire 211 member nations would decide the eventual winners now instead of just the executive board of FIFA.