Is this a new start for the Canadian national side?

The Canadian national football team is a squad that is significantly struggling and it has become evident as they are ranked at the 117th by the FIFA standings which is one of their lowest placing’s ever.

This is not a recent thing either as the Canadian national side has historically struggled trying to even qualify for the big tournaments in the world of football including the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Confederations Cup.

When it comes to competing in the FIFA World Cup, Canada has only managed to reach the group stages during the 1986 edition of the competition and they have failed to qualify or have simply not entered in any other World Cup.

Things might be changing for the good of Canada soon as they have recently announced a new head coach and this tactician is an experienced tactician who appears to be eager and optimistic about the challenges that are lying ahead.

Octavio Zambrano is the new coach that was selected to manage the Canadian national football team; he’s a 59 year old Ecuadorian manager who has had a successful spell with various clubs in the MLS. He was unveiled on March 17 and had a few things to say as the newly appointed head coach of Canada said:

“I’m extremely excited, this is the pinnacle of my career, Iintend to do my very, very best. I am confident that when I sit in front of these players I will say the right thing to make them commit. The team right now has quite a few of those players who are noncommittal. One of the most important things for us right now is to begin to engage with them.I feel that I have prepared all my life for this job. I am thankful and I will not disappoint.”

Zambrano has had a very impressive managerial career with many of his previous clubs in the MLS and the Ecuadorian coach is hoping that he can continue his form with Canada.