25 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs. Sporting Kansas City | July 26, 2014”

  1. Sporting KC’s color man is so biased that it’s annoying. Good win for KC
    the calls on Besler looked harsh. Oduro is a good player amazing at running
    at people.

  2. Wow! MLS not allowing us to see the Highlight of Gilberto being fouled
    (not called). I want it to be a real league one day, but… Announcing
    false attendance figures, hiding referee errors, and allowing the league to
    move players to keep all the teams exactly equal… makes this league very
    weak. Most MLS teams would have a difficult time trying to achieve a
    winning recored in the 2nd Division/Level of Germany or England. The
    players are just not technically good enough. The Michael Bradly purchase,
    executed and paid for by the league, was one of the worst decisions yet,
    and may be the downfall of the league. A ridiculous amount for that
    calibar of player. More superstars on the way from Europe — for a nice
    paid vacation with MLS. Major respect for the fans in cities like Toronto
    and Seattle who really want this to be a real league. Just my opinion.

  3. Oduro needs to be punished for his flop and the red card on Besler
    rescinded. MLS needs to stay on top of this crap or it will hurt the
    growth of the league.

  4. Kansas City’s jersey is so nice! I just might go buy me one. And it doesn’t
    hurt that they are a great team!

  5. Jacob Peterson, with the slightest of touches, keeps the play alive for the
    2nd time in two weeks. 2 game winners, last week against the crew to set up
    Feilhaber and this one

  6. “I hope we get to look at the foul a second time because Dominic Oduro flew
    as if he was hit by a truck”

    “Doesn’t show a replay”

  7. The ref should check his answering machine, I think he has a few missed
    calls. Especially on Gilberto’s break through.

  8. I dont know how Oduro can whine about the calls so much and yet flop on
    both of Besler’s yellow cards. 

  9. BTW Toronto has always had fans just to be clear, by fans I mean a bigger
    national and worldwide following.

  10. That was BS from Oduro. The guy acted like he got hit by a train both
    times. Glad his team still lost.

  11. My favorite soccer team is Inter Milan but these past three years, I have
    really been enjoying MLS as well (it is my domestic league after all). I
    consider myself more of an MLS fan than a fan of a certain mls team so I
    usually root for the most exciting teams at the moment and what teams are
    good for the league (although I have been enjoying SKC for a while now) and
    with that said, I have really been pulling for TFC this year. Signing
    Defoe, Bradley, and Gilberto has brought more attention to the league. MLS
    needs more LA’s and NY’s ; teams that draw attention and have gained some
    respect in Europe as decent clubs (Losing to United 7-0 may have hurt some
    of LA’s respect though haha). Hopefully TFC can succeed this year as likely
    more people are following them now. As Beckham brought fans to LA,
    hopefully Defoe can bring fans to Toronto. They need to win though because
    hype only last for a season. Eventually people want results. That is a big
    reason why I pulled for Red Bulls last year.

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