9 replies on “Game in Six Minutes: SEA v. TOR: March 15, 2014”

  1. This game convinced me to buy tickets to the home opener. Defoe is all
    class, bradley held the team together, and the defence was just
    ridiculuosly good. Henry and osorio look like two very promising players.
    Cant wait for the home opener! TFC!

  2. Defoe will do a great job for you guys. He has scored plenty of goals in
    the EPL and he will continue that form now. That is a nice signing.

  3. BEAUTY !!! Defoe scored some nice goals , and Bradley was very helpful at
    midfield. Jackson also had a good tough game , and it was nice to see Cesar
    looking confident in goal !!!

  4. The most important thing to me was the fact that TFC was able to withstand
    pressure since Seattle had much more ball possession.
    Defoe and Cesar displayed their world class skills yet I think the whole
    team did a tremendous job collectively.
    Defense did well, which for TFC is a new thing. 

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