18 replies on “Toronto FC sign Jozy Altidore | #90More”

  1. As a Toronto native and Toronto FC fan, this is a very underwhelming
    signing. We’re getting a piss poor striker for a decent striker, which
    shows you the direction of the league here in North America.

  2. Altidore just coming for the easy money. I bet he knows no other club would
    be stupid enough to pay him more than what he’s really worth and Toronto is
    stupid to let defoe go for altidore Spend the money on someone big maybe
    sneidjer or vidic essien guys who could teach the young ones

  3. My thoughts on this deal are very positive coming from a Toronto FC
    supporter’s perspective. Living an hour away I’ll definitely make an effort
    to watch Altidore play for us. I was excited to see Defoe come, but he got
    injured very early, and wasn’t a team player. There’s a clip of Gilberto’s
    first goal, a free kick, and Defoe got pissed because he wanted to take it,
    and was fighting with him for the ball, Gilberto said “No, this is mine” or
    something along those lines, and blasted it in off the crossbar. Defoe just
    had no faith in the team. I want more players like Michael Bradley that
    will do everything they can for the club. Massive respect for Bradley, need
    to pick up his kit this year I think.

  4. I wish Jozy the best of luck. Hopefully he can turn his career around like
    what Fernando Torres is trying to do right now. I can tell that Jozy has an
    ego and didn’t want it come back to MLS but instead succeed in Europe. 

  5. Wish him all the best! Not only as a struggling striker, but in MLS
    retaining American talent too.

  6. Jozy will regain his confidence in the MLS. I think we often forget how
    young he is – he’s only 25. Assuming he stays injury free, that means that
    he has 3-5 peak years. Combo-ing him with Bradley will be exciting –
    hopefully they right the Toronto ship. Either way, great video HUGH!

  7. altidore is so shit. i was glad when he was injured in the world cup. USA
    improved when he was out of the side. 

  8. As a Sunderland fan I think this is a great bit of business for both clubs!
    Defoe is a proven premier league scorer exactly what we need. Jozy will do
    well back in the US

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