Rodriguez happy with Colombian goal

A solo goal from James Rodriguez was enough for Colombia to capture the victory when playing against Colombia in an international friendly match.

The match was played at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey and the Real Madrid player James Rodriguez scored the only goal of the entire match with a powerful shot at the 75th minute which edged the victory for the Colombian squad.

Colombia pressured their opponents from start of the match until the last few minutes but the Canadian squad managed to hold their ground in the first half and thanks to sublime goalkeeping skills from Milan Borjan, the scoreboard remained goal-less after 45 minutes had passed.

The best opportunities that Canada had on actually scoring in the first half arrived through set-pieces but they just could never pull it off and failed on finding the back of the net.

Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez scored the winning goal after having received a pass from the substitute Juan Quintero and slotting it home.

In the dying minutes of the match Canada worked hard in search for a late equalizer with the substitute player Luca Gasparatto who tried to tie the game at the 90th minute but it just never arrived as Colombia maintained their lead and was the winning team.

“We played mostly defensively today, not the way we would have liked,” he said through a translator following the match. “We wanted to play a little bit more offensive, but we actually played with them, that was good for us.”

“We discussed this with the players and we told them Colombia was very smart, very quick, and a lot of the set-pieces they work on played the ball quick. Our players got distracted and (the goal by Rodriguez) was what happened.” Canada’s coach Benito Floro said.

Even with the defeat of Canada, the coach of the squad was proud of what his players accomplished.