22 replies on “Nike Total 90 Tracer EPL Soccer Ball Unboxing! in 720p HD”

  1. Does the ball lose its color when it been played with alot in the rain. And
    does the ball get like scuff marks when played with for a long time or hit
    against a fence or a wall or concrete?

  2. I know right, I ordered it from prodirectsoccer, on the box it says Size 5,
    so it can’t be wrong. Maybe nike decided to make this model 😀

  3. if its small why do they use it in the premier league, is their a range of
    size the ball can be.

  4. how much was this. I bought 2 today lol. They were marked down at a nike
    factory store so I bought one, then they rang up even cheaper so I bought
    another. Might sell one but they are soo nice. I might just keep a backup.

  5. @afg99061 Sorry but I have not played with it in the rain, so I cannot
    tell. And yes it does get a few scuff marks after days of using the ball.
    But you can remove it using a arm and hammer eraser on the marks 🙂

  6. @masihmasihmasih Yes, I thought so too, but I got a check in the mail from
    google for 50 bucks, LOL so I decided to get it….

  7. I just heard from Nike. I guess a size 5 is supposed to be 29.5 to 30
    inches fully inflated. I took mine on the field for the first time
    yesterday. It seemed good. It didn’t keep me from sucking though.

  8. I just picked one up. it seems small too-26.75″ @ 14psi. Isn’t a 5 supposed
    to be 27″? Maybe it’s a 4. I’m going to email Nike.

  9. @TaaastyBurger it was marked 130 with a 60 dollar sticker over it, so I was
    going to buy one, then it rang up 45 so I went and got another. I thought
    that was a pretty crazy price. I considered buying all 5.

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