14 replies on “Match Highlights: Canada MNT 3-1 Jamaica”

  1. I’m a US fan and like to see the sport grow in Canada. Best of luck. Also
    I’m subscribing to show support :)

  2. Congrats to our frienemies to the north! Now here’s hoping the Canadian
    team can build on this, would love to see you get more competitive so we
    can finally get a NAFTA trifecta of hate going with you guys and Mexico!

  3. Great Job by Canada this new coach is making great progress hopefully we
    can beat panama in our next game 🙂 

  4. Did the announcer seriously say “TFC have plenty of options here” on the de
    Jong freekick/goal (1:13)?! Way to go Sportsnet!

  5. Awesome job Canada! It’s time for the Floro era. That Edgar goal was
    siiiiiccckkk. I really hope this the beginning of something beautiful with
    the Canadian Men’s Team. CANADA!!!

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