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  1. well that’s funny cuz I haven’t met any people with those backgrounds my
    entire life (and there’s especially none of those groups in Quebec), except
    for a few with english background.. btw a more recent census (June 8th 2012
    from CIA.gov) states the following results -> British Isles origin 28%,
    French origin 23%, other European 15%, Amerindian 2%, other, mostly Asian,
    African, Arab 6%, mixed background 26%. as you can see french, other
    european, and mixed (together) make up most of the pop.

  2. Its because of climate, many other countries you can do outdoor sorts, like
    running, soccer, etc., all year round. In most of Canada, that is not
    possible, at least not comfortably. Kids in school do indoor sports from
    about November through April in much of the country. So, summer type sports
    only for a month or two at the start of the school year, and perhaps two
    months at the end. Meanwhile, the winter type sports can easily start in
    October/November, and continue right through.

  3. Hahah, yes! I hope the Canadians do manage to beat Mexico! One of my
    friends is in the side (:

  4. Actually if you look at Canada`s national hockey team its all guys born in
    Canada, because we like hockey, you have to be honest Canada is pretty
    garbage in soccer ranked like 77th in the world or something, if Canada had
    the same passion for soccer as hockey no doubt we would be at least in the
    top 15 at the minimum.

  5. I agree that the US is very multicultural as well, but it is very different
    from Canada. For example, about 40 percent of Canadians do not have British
    or French (even though Quebec has its own French culture separate from the
    ‘English’ Canada) roots and most of them keep their cultures alive. In
    America, immigrants (first, second and third generations) are more likely
    to become Americanized and become integrated in American culture instead of
    keeping (most or all of) their old culture.

  6. and i still have family in italy and speak italian, been there a few times
    and love it. there’s even actual schools in canada in french, italian, and
    other languages (and i mean full-blown schools – most of them are either
    english or french but ive even been to a school in italian for a year since
    i speak the language fluently). im just trying to show you all that canada
    is one of the most multicultural and open countries in the world and I love
    it because of its diversity

  7. Karma for the Gold Cup rip-off against Canada a few years ago and we didn’t
    need the ref to do it for us either. Nice to see my ‘bro’ Steve Hart on the
    bench for this as he was the Canadian coach against the USA when Canada was
    cheated of a tying goal against the USA in the semi-final….in the USA!
    Right on Big Red…..take it to the bank. Talk soon Hartie…….

  8. I feel the reason soccer is so unpopular in Canada is that it’s ‘similar’
    to the sport of soccer… same idea, moving forward, passing, goalie, etc.,
    the main thing the total difference in the people playing it, when a guy
    gets hurt in hockey, and I mean HURT, knocked out teeth, cuts, bruising,
    they pop back up and continue, if someone mistreats a team mate, you
    stickup for them, soccer? the complete difference, guys rolling around in
    ‘pain’ etc., it’s just so very UN-Canadian (sports-wise).

  9. I knew Canada had good youngsters. I just knew it all along! Thumbs up for
    the girl celebrating at 1:40 she’s awsome lol

  10. Lol USA only good at sports no other country plays there too fat for sports
    anyway lol

  11. and the us chokes again… guess they cant soccer under pressure as well as
    hockey.to bad lotta talent

  12. i like rugby too, but soccer is first for me. and cool , i have EU
    citizenship for Romania but not Italy, even though I have family there (bc
    my mom wasn’t born there, my grandfather and uncles and cousins were). my
    dad is from Romania so I was eligible for citizenship. anyway nice talking
    to u, I just hope Canada gets better in all sports lol

  13. My bad, I was Wrong Usa is not going to play Against Mexico, thanks to the
    El Salvador, you send Home the Americans ooops! they were already there!

  14. According to a 2006 census 50% of Canadians have English, Scottish and
    Irish roots.

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