19 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs. NE Revolution | August 30th, 2013”

  1. Ref’s should be fined just like players when they make really bad mistakes,
    they might put more work in to get calls right

  2. I’m an SKC fan and that call on Toronto’s second goal was horrible. They
    completely got screwed

  3. Rsl fan. How did New England not have a pen? And how was TFC’s last minute
    winner not a goal?

  4. Not a Toronto fan but Caldwell has every right to be in the refs face.
    Terrible officiating as usual

  5. Good game don’t know about the last call but the ref seemed fair so I will
    take his word for it

  6. He’s only 21. There’s not really a place for him in the National team
    picture right now, but if he keeps developing I’m sure his time will come.

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