23 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs. DC United | September 28, 2013”

  1. The fourth goal by Toronto was cool because the player jumped over the ball
    for it to go in… If he didn’t jump it wouldn’t of gone in 🙂 cool goal

  2. That was a very ballsy move by Rey at the end. At first I was like “what
    the hell are you doing?”, but then it went in, so I was relieved. 🙂

  3. Don’t forget that this was a B-team from DC. They didn’t play a single
    starter, they rested everyone for their US Open Cup final on Tuesday since
    DC no longer has a hope to make the playoffs

  4. Cracking first goal, the DC player really got some spin on the ball and
    bent that ball into the back of the net but in the end Toronto got a good
    home win.

  5. Damn, this was a great game for TFC! You don’t see that very often! Funny
    they won without a coach present!

  6. Toronto have a great little stadium, the support was excellent. Good win
    too! Dike’s yellow was so harsh.

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